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Idyllic Perspectives of Nonsequitur

Imperial Stout with Decaf Coffee, Walnut, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Bean

Here we gaze in amazement at the sudden shift of equilibrium. The balance that once was, and the anarchy that hangs on tired shoulders. A mindset embodied of endless chaos. And the eerily potent stench of inconsistent conviction. Our latest take on Vegan Decaf Latte stout, a style we have had so much fun creating as an inclusive journey into the belly of dessert stout. A blend of four different imperial stout bases, aged differently, and then racked back to tank atop Onyx Coffee Roasters Decaffeinated Colombia La Serrania Coffee, house-toasted walnuts, Spicewalla Cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla bean. The end result is a cinnabun dipped in iced mocha, topped with vanilla foam, and set astray upon our souls forever.