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Our most epic hang yet. Click for more info on our Anno X 10th anniversary party on June 24th.

I Was Particles Among the Sky and My Existence Became Nevermore

Imperial Stout with Costa Rican Cocoa Nibs, Roasted Peanuts, Sea Salt, Caramel and Vanilla Bean (Collaboration dual release with chocolate from French Broad Chocolate)

Somedays it simply feels as if we persist in a series of tiny fragments scattered above the clouds, visible to no one, yet pieced together at a moment’s need. We are but mere mortals, enhanced by our digital confines. A nostalgia-inspired, state of being, enjoyed with our friends at French Broad Chocolate. Aged with a double dosing of French Broad Chocolate selected Costa Rican cocoa nibs, Forestry Camp roasted and salted peanuts, sea salted caramel and Madagascar vanilla beans. Our take on the most delightful of French Broad’s killer Peanut Caramel Bonbon Bar, a sinful consequence of present hindrances. Its a pint of salted caramel ice cream topped in molten chocolate bonbon and gushing with sweet and salty peanut butter filling.