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I Hope This is the Endgame

Imperial Stout with Toasted Pecans, Thai Banana, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, and Sea Salt

Seeking the resolution at the conclusion of the question. Where we entertain the miracles of color and form. Where the utterances were devoid of meaning. And where we would up inside an obsession that is much too subtle to be translated to words. When Other Half comes around we tend to push our boundaries and once again will do so, filling our brand new infusion vessel to its brim. Welcome to the dawn of The Space in Between, a custom-made tank that macerates the elegant ingredients that mesh with our blended stouts to forge magic. Here we are selecting five of our most diverse stout bases, before aging with loads of Thai banana, house-roasted pecans, maple syrup, Madagascar vanilla bean, Spicewalla Vietnamese Cinnamon and touch of sea salt. Revel in the comfort of hot pecan pie with caramelized banana creme, cinnamon pralines, salted caramel frappucino, with Giffard banana liqueur.