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Updated November 20, 2020. Our Asheville Taproom and Raleigh Taproom are now open with to-go and outdoor seating only. Forestry Camp is open with heated outdoor seating and an indoor Tasting Menu experience. Click here to order online. Thanks!
Where We Buried the Sun

Double Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout Aged Twice in Bourbon Barrels

Born into this house ages ago, the tale of this massive earthen tool has carried us into Christmas with each passing turn around the sun. Made of multiple batches, this blended Imperial Stout was forged of 60% Imperial Stout aged in fresh Willets bourbon barrels for six months and then racked into new Willets bourbon barrels for an additional six months, 20% Imperial Stout aged in Willets for 22 month, and 20% of our 15% big stout base aged in Willets bourbon barrels for 10 months. We are mind boggled by the complexity and depth in this year’s composition. A rocks glass of bourbon-sauced dark chocolate, brown sugar covered brownies and caramel-coated figs.