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Fortunate Miscreants of a Kindred Ilk

Golden Sour Aged on Blackberry Pomace, Cascara, Lemon Verbena, and Galangal

These bonds were forged in the trenches. Because there’s nowhere else to be. You eventually find yourself adorning a grin. So many times we wonder how the hell we ended up here. We have created something very special with our dear friends at Odd Colony. A golden saison brewed with local malts and aged hops waited patiently for 32 months in white wine barrels. Once it emerged it was met with Kotata and Marionberry pomace, cascara, lemon verbena, and galangal to age for an additional two months. The result: A beautiful, complex sour ale with hints of citrus, Grenache, ginger zest, and dried dark fruits. Hold up a glass and cheers to the friendships that will never fade.

Other Ingredients