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Fall of the Damned (2023)

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sour Red Ale with Marionberries and Blackberries

The spirit that dwells within the walls of our tiny taproom brewery. The first-ever examination of mixed fermentation with fruit, ever to don the Burial moniker. Our first batch held the flame for our Sour debut during 2017’s Beer Week. And each year, we fill fresh bourbon barrels to recreate it. As we developed our sour beer presentation last year, we began to focus on youth and exuberance, with the goal to present the most fresh fruit-driven sours we’ve ever seen. This year’s Damned started as a big red sour ale fermented in steel, inoculated with culture from our puncheons, and then laid to rest in Bourbon Barrels for many moons. We then rack back to our barrelhouse aging tanks with 2.5# per barrel of Marionberries and Blackberries for a few months before a quick dosage and bottle conditioning. The final expression is youthful and vibrant, reminding us of fresh-baked blackberry tart with lemon and vanilla Anglaise, dark cherry jam on honey toast, and early harvest Sangiovese.

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