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Faint Glimmer of Hope Notwithstanding

Imperial Stout with Roasted Turkish Fig, Toasted Almond, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt, and Maple Syrup

We opened a door. A portal into a place we thought we could leave. And the door locked behind us. So we adapted, grew inward, climbed high terrain, braved swift storms, and kept heads above the overflowing waters. And as the distant light pierced the skin of the mountains around us, we began to believe that perhaps it was an advent of change. So we raced toward it. All things shall come to an end. And to bring a close to this year we thought a touch of subtle elegance was perhaps our best canvas. This stout was blended from the bases of 5 different stouts, targeting a soft and pillowy 13% palette, upon which we added house-roasted and caramelized Turkish figs, toasted almonds, sea salt, whole Madagascar vanilla bean and a touch of maple syrup. The result is an awakening to renewal, filled with figgy almond cake with maple filling, almond biscotti dipped in mocha cream, and salted caramel ice cream.