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Excommunication from the Altar of Nonconformity

Imperial Stout with Meyer Lemon Zest, Lemon Crystals, Dried Lemon Wheels, Shortbread, Cinnamon,  and Madagascar, Tahitian, and Mexican Vanilla Beans

These are the hymns of a million searchers. They are the journeys we came to find, and the crossroads we were led to see. A finite interpretation of the boundaries that lay beyond reach. And a reckoning of conceptualization that pulled at our feet. Our very first Heavy Resin Imperial Stout brings us into the dastardly world of triple saturation in dark ale crafting. Inspired by our love for lemon cookies, we brought this into the resin realm by aging it upon three types of vanilla bean before a quick dosage of fresh cut Meyer lemon zest, dehydrated lemon juice and dried candied lemon wheels. A wisp of lemon curd injected chocolate ganache, mocha spritzed with a twist, and dark chocolate lemon pixies.