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Empire of Eternal Nothingness

Imperial Stout with Toasted Coconut, Bourbon Vanilla, and Double Dipped in Cocoa Nibs

The end is often only genesis for something more. One long year ago, when freedom triumphed and the times were hellacious, we started the newest chapter of our stout program with a beer so appropriately named Realm of Absolute Nothingness. It bore a darkened ominous hole into the depths of our willingness to go the extra distance. At the time, it was story that had no plan, rules or boundaries. And its final destination was forged upon abundant tangents and ruminations. This is the resurrection, rebirth, and recompense, all in one. The amalgamation of one year of hypothesizing, stumbling and eventually achieving. This is our 6 hour stout base, turned up to 15% ABV, and aged upon a double dipping of select French Broad Chocolate cocoa nibs, Madagascar vanilla bean, and the largest swath of macaroon coconut ever to touch our steel. Gooey coconut clusters, topped with molten mounds bars, and shoved into the center of a German chocolate cake soaked in rummy goodness. What we have become. Where we shall forever tread.