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Black Is Beautiful

Collaboration with Weathered Souls Brewing

It sure is. We stand with the Black community, and we are moved that it has become the stance of our unified industry. And together we will always be stronger, have larger impacts, and teach our teams better. This endeavor to raise awareness is hosted by Weathered Souls Brewing Co. out of San Antonio, and the proceeds of sales of this bottle shall go to support racial justice for people of color. Our offering is our purest Imperial Stout yet; our first Imperial Stout without any adjuncts. Made from a careful blend of three of our favorite Imperial Stout bases, each of which are brewed with black malt, oats, and vanilla beans. The final concoction shows the resounding bevy of dried fig and cherry, dark chocolate mocha, roasted pecan and gooey salted caramel that make up the core of our usual offerings. We won’t check the boxes. We will do the work. There is a long road ahead for real justice.

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