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Because You Can See What I Cannot

Imperial Stout with Toasted Coconut, Orange Peel, Onyx Coffee, Orange Blossom Honey, Cinnamon, Toasted Oats, and Madagascar, Tahitian, and Congo Vanilla Beans

Aren’t we all amused by now. Beguiling spectacles of incomprehensible granduer. Magnificent concepts of triumphant invention. All before us. All within our grasp. But fail, so do I. One of our highest ever ABV stout bases was skillfully blended down to 14.5% to create the ideal canvas for this bright and luscious offering. Huge amounts of orange zest was introduced with heaps of house toasted coconut to provide the flavor base that was then bolstered up with artful additions of @onyxcoffelab roasted Ethiopian coffee from the Nano Genji micro-lot, @spicewalla Vietnamese cinnamon, and a blend of vanillas from Madagascar, Tahiti, and The Republic of Congo. Indulge your senses and find gobs of gooey marshmallows coated in toasted coconut, fresh oranges bathed in dark chocolate, and the delightful aromatics of wintertime cinnamon macchiato.