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Golden Fuzz
Collaboration with
Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Sour Ale with Vermentino Grapes and Phantasm Powder

When two stories come to be. Two makers inspired by the reality that life is a vessel and death is a destination. We make this beer with our good friend Evan Lewandowski, each year, as an ode to accepting the natural progression of things. And sometimes these things progress out of our conrol. In 2020, wildfires ravaged much of California, including the wine-growing regions up North. Many farmers lost crops, homes and livelihood. We decided to purchase some of these smoke-dusted Vermentino grapes to tell the story of the season. Through a carbonic maceration and native fermentation, we found the wine of the fruit to impart unique pineapple, lemon and pear characteristics alongside some unique baking spice that was reminiscent of old world Saison. This beer is a 50/50 blend of the Vermentino wine and Golden Sour Ale. The beer component of this beerwine was aged in chardonnay barrels for 2 years before being put into our taproom Brunello foudre. The fruit was harvested with our friends at Ruth Lewandowski Wines and fermented in our Visuals winery space at Forestry Camp. To take it overboard we aged the final blend with a small dose of Phantasm powder, made from freeze-dried Sauvignon Blanc skins. The final beverage is rife with vibrant crushed meyer lemon, concord white grape juice, farmhouse fermentation, golden apple, and crushed white peppercorns.