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Ascent of the Blessed 2021 Release

Golden Sour Ale with Carolina Sauvignon Blanc Grapes

Where the unjust remnants of the cruel and intolerant no longer dwell. Inside the sky above this mundane human space. Down through the gaps inside our heads. The place where the truly connected find harmony among the deafening silence. Our annual meshing of wine and sour beer takes flight once again, and in a completely different manner than you are used to. This year we sourced Sauvignon Blanc fruit from our friends at Stone Ashe Winery out in Fletcher’s farm country, where the terroir offers a unique depiction of this beautiful grape. The fruit is carbonic macerated and allowed to ferment on its own briefly, before refermenting with 1-year-old wine barrel-aged golden sour ale from our cellar. A co-fermentation of native grape yeasts and house culture renders a interwoven cluster of aromatics and bright flavors. The final beverage exudes local pears, lemon meringue, lemongrass, white grapefruit and abundantly refreshing acidity.

Other Ingredients