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Anno Domini MMXXII

Blend of Red Wine and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
Sometimes reflection is a practice in simplicity. A distilled snapshot of a complicated reality veiled in wistful melancholy. And through these sepia-toned meanderings, we’ve been going absolutely nowhere. So we look closer. We shake the bitterness brought on by ceaseless time. We witness that the fire still lights the sky around us. And we will be here again. With hearts like an enclosed sieve that hold our truth through the perspective of compassion. 2022 has continued to breed our stout program and our barrel specialist, Chris Golden, has pulled together a blend of barrel aged imperial stouts so lovely and nuanced that we decided to present it to you in its truest form. This is our 6 hour boil stout base aged in the oak of red wine barrels and bourbon barrels, blended and left un-adjuncted. Take a bottle and contemplate while inundating yourself in swaths of California oak cellars, aromatic old fashioned cocktails, and vanilla date chocolate rum cake.