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Anno Domini MMXXI

Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Coconut, Hazelnut, and Mexican Vanilla Bean

For our 8th spin around the gem that keeps us breathing, we faced one Hell of a challenge. Undeniably this past year has delivered us a run of plagues and ample reflection on our brittle little universe. AD 2021 celebrates the pathway we have meandered, into a space where we can finally dole out beautiful barrel-aged vessels. This Imperial Stout is aged in Caribbean rum barrels for over a year, and after racking back to steel, we aged it on accompanying doses of macaroon coconut, toasted hazelnuts and Mexican vanilla bean. Sip longingly on toasted coconut daiquiris, hazelnut rum cake, drizzled with vanilla creme anglaise and washed down with a stiff Nutella frapp with Bacardi floater. While this beer has historically been a gift only to our Asheville taproom visitors, we will share small doses of it with each of our other locations. Because we all should bask in the glow of reflection and celebration. Cheers to many more.

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