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An Allowable Sense of Precaution

Imperial Stout with Cinnamon, Cardamom, Marzipan, Vanilla Bean, and Brown Sugar

Among the obesely immoral and the irreparably unconscionable, somewhere sits the aim of rationality. And in these quenching arms resides the bastion of sanity for those who pen its calming song. Our friends at WeldWerks have been making some of the most delicious liquids for some time now, and its easy to see why. Concocted from a serendipitous moment of delightful sustenance, this take on a unique danish from far off lands allowed us to work with our great collaborators at Spicewalla. This stout was brewed with loads of dark sugars and then aged upon Spicewalla black cardamom and Vietnamese cinnamon, before a helping dose of almond-induced marzipan and Madagascar vanilla bean. Grab two paws of spiced bearclaws, oven-fresh cardamom buns, liquified sticky cinnamon roll.