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An Adoration of the Unnatural

Imperial Stout with Pecans, Caramel, Cocoa Butter, and Republic of Congo Vanilla Bean

Our lives are forever formed by the twisted remembrance of what once felt natural. And now we realize that we all stand upon a pile of the demons that we used to be. We realize that that life is dead, this one begins, and that it, too, will someday die. For this stout we met minds with Horus Aged Ales to create a brand new stout base that is the careful fusion of both of our normal offerings. We liked its smooth complexity so much we present it to you young, unblended and laid upon house roasted pecans, vanilla from the Republic of Congo, Caramel, and luscious gobs of French Broad Chocolate cocoa butter. Expect pecan turtles, smooth white chocolate, and the stickiest edges of a praline hot fudge sundae.