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Abstract Opulence: Illusion 3

Imperial Vanilla Cream Ale with Rum Barrel-Aged Pineapple and Nutmeg, Fresh Pineapple, Almond, Zested Lime, and Orgeat

Beneath our tarnished existence we stray. Guided by the light, or lack thereof. And with nothing to turn to but yesterday’s faded luxuries we reach toward the surreal and scratch at the metaphysical beyond. For this evolution of Abstract Opulence we lightened the grain bill even further with the use of extra pale barley and malted oat and laid upon it fresh and rum barrel aged pineapple and fresh zested lime. We then added a healthy dose of top shelf orgeat and blanched almond to add complexity and creaminess and then topped it off with a dusting of shaved nutmeg. Experience a cocktail worthy melange of spiced rum pineapple slushy, creamy almond liqueur, frozen lime pops, and balanced meditations on the grandeurs of tomorrow.

Other Ingredients