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Abstract Opulence: Illusion 2

Imperial Vanilla Cream Ale with Thai Banana, Tahitian Vanilla, Madagascar Vanilla, and Cinnamon

Forging a path laden in the dissonance of faded ideals, every step more difficult than the last, which direction shall you take? Stay safe within the confines of the past, or continue on and dissipate into the realm of deliverance? For us, the answer is clear: Move forward, create, tear down, and build. As we continue our journey to provide a new canvas for our high gravity program we present to you the second installment in the Abstract Opulence series. Enjoyed frozen, on the rocks or straight from the bottle, Illusion 2’s boil was slightly shortened to cut back on the deep caramel tones and help us lean into the base of creamy malted oats and pale barley. We layered on top of that a giant helping of Thai banana, the largest blend of Madagascar and Tahitian vanillas to ever grace our tanks and finally a tactful addition of Spicewalla cinnamon. Enjoy this layered beverage in whichever way you please and find bananas foster daiquiris, pillows of sweet marshmallow cream, and decadent cinnamon oat flour pie crust.