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Abstract Opulence: Illusion 1

Imperial Vanilla Cream Ale with Pineapple, Toasted Coconut, Orange, Rum Barrel-Aged Raisins, and Tahitian Vanilla Bean

So many choices. But none as radical as the ones you fail to understand. A bold cognitive dissonance persists between our wanting to define something new, and our resolve to stay within a context we already know. Yet a world so bold awaits us in the gazing stare of chance. And so we unveil a new space for thought. Just for you. Abstract Opulence is our newest concoction, marrying the elegance of density of our Imperial Stout program with the feather-light fruit-driven concepts of frozen cocktails. We found a customizable experience may fit within this bottle, drinkable straight up in a brandy glass, over rocks with a twist, or even out-the-bottle frozen by the pool. Whatever your experience dictates, we shall provide the Abstract Opulence you covet. For the first rendition, we built a base of pale barley and oats, and boiled for over 6 hours to provide natural caramelization and richness. We then aged this beer with dried pineapple slices, toasted coconut, orange peel, Tahitian vanilla bean, and the delectable flavors of in-house rum-aged raisins. The inspiration of this beverage was a marriage of rum punch and classic Puerto Rican coquito, offering the best of both worlds in one beverage. Explore a bevy of coconut custard with pineapple caramel drizzle, upside-down cake with vanilla frosting, and a cup of frozen pina colada.