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A Subtle Explanation of Fate’s Role in Nothing

Imperial Stout with Coconut, Pecan, Peanut Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Maple Syrup

We are tied to theories of deception. For we are laid to bask in the twisted misfortune of fate’s deafening hand. And yet we mustn’t fall captive to the demise of choice. The newest chapter in our collaborations with Eighth State Brewing. We went all the way back in time to the origin, using the core of our most delightful Infinite Nothing and dosed it with some extra depth from a couple of creamy confections. Made with our largest dose of roasted pecans, toasted coconut, vanilla bean and maple syrup, and a host of delightful house-made peanut butter and French Broad Chocolate cocoa butter. The undeniable grip of nutty fudge, coconut cream pie, and maple pecan clusters dropped with coco lopez.