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A Savage Kingdom of Madness

Imperial Stout with Toasted Coconut and Wild Thai Banana

Duality of being. A rite among the passage into existence. We are but bone and blood upon Earth, yet perhaps, an abundantly mystical force upon minds. These are the treasures of mortality, and the simple things we take with us with a smile. Our good friend John Wakefield has always delighted us with his larger than life persona. So we collaborated on a mash up of flavors near and dear to the J Wakefield brand. This big stout was aged with loads of Wild Thai bananas and a blended dose of 50% toasted coconut and 50% raw coconut. Take yourself into the tower of power with handfuls of toasted macaroons drizzled in warm caramel, banana chocolate chip bread, and a saucer of fresh bananas foster topped in coco lopez.

Other Ingredients