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A Righteousness All for Naught

Imperial Stout with Peanut Butter, Cocoa Nibs, and Tahitian Vanilla

Steady visions of glory lay behind bloodied eyes. Nights spent immersed in bone-chilling downward spirals of grandiosity undefined. And yet, gazing back at the shadow, the words were just blather and the visuals simply smoke. A boundary we once knew, revisited. A seemingly endless boil, meets gobs of barley and oats and nary a shred of milk sugar. A tale that endeared itself to slow fermentation and careful aging. Conditioned upon on house-roasted peanuts at a rate of over 20 pounds per barrel and then upon the choicest cocoa nibs from our chocolate maven friends at French Broad Chocolate. We finished it off with a dose of house-scraped Tahitian vanilla beans. Think snickers blizzard, two scoops of chocolate PB, fresh roasted mallow cups, and the things that yore murmur about.