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A Quite Ostentatious Testimony of Nonsequitur

Imperial Stout with Decaf Coffee, Toasted Macadamia, and Vanilla Bean

Humans adhere to purpose. And yet they want anything but. Just another rivet in the pattern. A preference for less than we must. Sounds like a good time to forge together our finest stout. Hailing from the sensory panel as arguably the most adored stout we have ever made – we offer you this harbinger of the rise of open doors. Our vegan decaf latte, rethought. Made from a blend of 3 imperial stouts, and then aged upon select Onyx Decaf Coffee, house-toasted Macadamia nuts blended into a fine beermilk, and freshly-scraped vanilla beans. This beer defies perspectives of quality, pushing us to a new space of understanding. Bent towards a crisp decaf mocha, with vanilla cream and salted caramel finish, but eager to become shaved macadamia tiramisu accompanying a crisp vanilla latte without the rush.