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Portal Through the Continuum of Nonexistence

Imperial Stout with Cocoa Nibs, Hazelnuts, Honey, Cinnamon, Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Maplewood Smoked Sea Salt

A portal has emerged once again. Space and time shall cease to be defined with boundary. Words become erased from our memories. Our canvas remains emptied of its contents. And we start anew. The great Portal series continues to widen and open up into new worlds. This one may be our finest. Made from the same base as our Portal series and aged upon a double x double helping of French Broad Chocolate select cocoa nibs, Tahitian vanilla beans, Cinnamon and Maplewood smoked sea salt. This time we aged it with honey and toasted hazelnuts to add that nostalgic snack kick. Beguile your senses with Nutella-dipped fudge pops, melty smores clusters, and mocha frappuccino topped with hazelnut whipped cream.