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A Place of Calm Abiding

Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

Deep inside death’s core. Where all that remains is the immaculate balance of understanding. A terrain that is only imaginable. Never to be put in grasp. That is where peace towers over us all. For years we have heard clamoring for more barrel-aged strong ales, free from adulteration and tinkering. As we await the construction of our new barrel-aging facility in downtown Asheville, we started to wash the souls of many an oak. Many Bourbon, some Rye, a couple of Calvados, and a few Cognac. But this year’s favorite came from a few Caribbean rum barrels. So we whipped up a blend of some of the finest and committed to glass for your enjoyment. Wafts of Ronny Zacapa Old Fashioned, fig cake with vanilla bean anglaise, and creme de cacao over the big cubes. Sip slow.