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A Mausoleum of Nonconformance

Imperial Stout with Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Cream Cheese, Lactose, Vanilla, and a Touch of Maple

The creases of our headspace are forever painted in the memoirs of our yesteryear. Some of us are entrapped by these nostalgia-fueled scars infinitely. So when our Head Brewer, Jeff McGuire, asked us to recreate a classic rendition of a dark-frosted cinnamon roll that many of us will always hold dear, we had to oblige by turning to our friends at Spicewalla for their killer Vietnamese Cinnamon. Our classic 15% stout base was made with a focus on more brown sugars during fermentation, before adding judicious doses of Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon, and then aging with powdered cream cheese and lactose with a hint of maple syrup to get that classic brown frosting we have all come to dig. Big chewy cinnabon, horchata ice cream, and rich carrot cake frosting.