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A Generous Characterization of Those You Remember Otherwise

Imperial Stout with Toasted Coconut, Toasted Stroopwafel, Cinnamon, and Rum Barrel-Aged Vanilla Bean

All we know. The simple fabric of a memory. Something we create for our purpose. Something we can change. For fondness when we need it. For chaos when we are losing control. The very mesh that makes us human. A new idea that we have yet to capture, focuses on the hilarity of consumer intrigue in this place we call life. We bring you, the toasted coconut stroopwafel snack. This is a more simple blend of high octane 16% stout and higher gravity sweet stout to get our alcohol right in place. It was then aged with a pile of toasted Stroopwafels, toasted coconut, Spicewalla cinnamon, and a grip of rum barrel-aged vanilla beans. Empty the contents of your understanding with a crumble of cadbury coconut rough over rum raisin ice cream in a fresh waffle cone.