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A Disorientation Along the Path to Nowhere

Imperial Stout with Macadamia Nuts, Onyx Coffee, Spicewalla Cinnamon, and Vanilla Beans

The specter you had hoped to find. The illusory augmentation right in front of you. Perhaps there was more to find, when you opened your mind. A slight variation on all you had come to know. A new rendition of our old “Path to Nowhere” collection of stouts, made with a careful blend of 4 different batches of our treasured big stout base. We aged this stout upon a record amount of toasted Macadamia nuts, the prized Monarch coffee blend from Onyx Coffee Roasters, whole Madagascar vanilla beans and a dash of Spicewalla cinnamon. Entomb your ritualized recognition with sips of macadamia milkshake topped with vanilla cream, a grande iced cinnamon mocha, and warm caramel topped macadamia pie.