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A Deranged Meditation of Nonsequitur

Imperial Stout with with Decaf Coffee, Coconut Milk, Coconut, Vanilla Bean

Some things stay lodged deep down in your skull. They root, they grow, they cannot be muted. These entombed souls become vibrant, they shake truths, and they arise immortally. Our standard fare is still on display here, despite the mendbend. A cadre of dark malts are boiled for over 6 hours and then fermented cool. In order to pull off the legitimacy of a Vegan Decaf Latte, we made our own in house coconut milk from heavy macaroon coconut and added fresh Madagascar vanilla beans to add a richness that trumps your daily Cappuccino. This time we have turned to our wonderful friends down the mountain at Methodical Coffee, who share with us their delightful Honduran-grown coffee beans. Their decaf Unwind-branded beans have kept free of the jitters for many moons now, offering up all types of dark chocolate, roasted almond, and caramel. This mug of blackness conjures mindfuls of rich tiramisu, coconut creme pie, mocha frappe and other lust-free bounties.