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A Conceptual Architecture for the Worship of Nothingness

A Conceptual Architecture for the Worship of Nothingness. An Imperial Stout with Toasted Coconut, Cocoa Nibs, Onyx Coffee Beans, Macadamia Nuts, Maple Syrup, Toasted Waffle, Thai Banana, Orange Zest, Sea Salt, and Cognac Barrel-Aged Vanilla Bean.

This 10 subject chaos is the mastercraft of Scott Graham. Our sensory program affords remarkable sharing of feedback, and time for adjustment. But this one did not need a shred of help. It hit from the start. Calling on the base that got us here, Nothingness, lays a foundation of coconut, chocolate and vanilla, upon which we have applied some of our favorites of recent use. This cornucopia of delicacy is anything but linear, offering a deep-tasting experience as you peel layer from layer.